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Making Wooden Arrows

A Master's Guide

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A fantastic, in depth understanding of wooden arrow making from a true Master of his craft, this book is both interesting to those wanting to understand the craft as well as a fantastic gift idea.

The opening words of the author himself are words enough....

What is a Master Fletcher?

The Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers has proven Masters in all for disciplines associated with making traditional bows and arrows. Arrowsmiths who forge arrow heads, Stringers who make bow strings, Bowyers who make the bows and fletchers who craft the arrows.

The title 'Master Fletcher' is the only accredited recognized Fletcher certification globally. To achieve a Master's title, you must undergo a fletchers apprenticeship under a Master of the Guild while you learn the craft. Then must produce specific examples as set out by the guild to be presented for examination at an annual Guildmote. The Guild only meets once a year and this is the only time you can present, you are not allowed in the room when the examination is carried out and your Master may not influence the fellow Masters as they scrutinise the work presented.

The Exam is difficult but not impossible, as this work is meant to represent your craft skills at their very best - in other words you Masterpiece.

The Guild and its Masters are seen as the Bar of excellence preserving original hand crafts in today's world of mass produced products. The title itself is viewed worldwide an assurance of quality.

     Master Fletcher, John Potter


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Making Wooden Arrows

Making Wooden Arrows

A Master's Guide